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Helping You Find & Use Technology & Non Technology things for your Daily Life.

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Get all the information and guidance for your Day to Day Personal Life.

For Business / Job Life

Get all the information and guidance for your Day to Day Business / Job Life.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

We know that you are too busy with your day to issues. You don’t have time to do research and update your knowledge about how to live more powerfully. Our dedicated team will do all the research to make your daily life more better.

Find Most Important Apps for your Smart Phone.

Updates of Technology that will effect your Daily Life.

Tips And Tricks to Get The Best of Your Day.

Find ways to earn, extra income to meet growing needs.

Smart Phone

You Spent lots of money on your Smart Phone. Use it powerfully.

Technology Updates

Fast Changing Technology is effecting your life. Know Important updates.

Tips And Triks

To get the best of your Daily Life, you need some Tips And Tricks

Extra Income

You are in need of that extra Income. Find easy ways to earn online.

What Is For Daily Life?
Who is This For?

As mentioned above, ForDailyLife is a place, where you can find all needed info at one place. This is for above average Individual, with a Smart Phone, Basic English and a commitment to change their Daily Life for good.

Do I need to have a Smart Phone?

As you are aware of the power of a Smart Phone. We strongly recommend you to have a Smart Phone, to get the best out of this website. Even if you don’t have Smart Phone, you can find better things to learn.

Do I need to have a Laptop?

Definitely not. But, if you want to earn money from Internet. You must have a laptop. We can help you find better Laptop for lowest price ever possible.

Do I need to know Technology?

Not really, you don’t need to be a techie, to use this website. We do all the hard work and you simply sit and take advantage of all our research.

How much time I need Daily for this?

Zero hours. You can use all your unproductive time to use this website. While waiting at Airport / Railway Station / Bus Stand or any such time, you can have a glance of the topic your choice and get enlightened and make your life better.

What is the Price?

To start with the price is Zero. Most of the information we give for FREE. Still you know that we need money to maintain the system.  When you join DailyLife.Club you get more powerful insights to make your life more better

About Us

We are seasoned Digital Experts and owners of Digital.CEO website. Our mission is get the fruits of Digital Technology to the doorstep of every common man. In this process, we thought it is quite opt, to bring technology to every one’s daily life first. When one can tap in to the fruits of Digital Technology, without much learning curve or effort, they will increase their Digital Awareness and will take initiative to get more out of it. You can get in touch with us any time from any where in the world. Details are at our LiveKall.Com website. You can simply type HelpMePhone.Com to directly contact us without knowing our phone number even. This is a WhatsApp call. +917760636363 Video Voice


“ForDailyLife.Com helped me in organizing my daily life, with my Smart Phone. For years I was using my high cost phone for only calls. Thank You “


Mechanic, Surya Engineering

“ForDailyLife.Com has helped me finding more Modelling opportunities, as I could learn tips and tricks to get the best out of my Smart Phone.”

Priyanka Kopra

Model, Newyork, Modelling

“My RealEstate Company, prospered, just because of ForDailyLife.Com With their help, i increased my business by leaps and bounds.”

Donald Joe

CEO, RealEstate, NewYork

Online Life Made Easy

Live Online

Times are changing. The world is being digitized day by day. Don’t stand behind, jump into the bandwagon of Digital Transformation.

Essential Digital Skills Only

We don’t overload with unwanted information. Just to suite your needs, to lead a normal daily life, we educate you with sufficient Digital Skills.

Community Help

You are not alone. Thousands of common people are joining our club, to cope up with ever changing and unavoidable Digital World.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Not every one is alike. You may have different needs and interests to fulfill as per your situation. So, we try to customize the Digital Skills to suite your needs, so that you can lead a simple happy and enlightened life with the help of the ever changing Digital Technology.

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